Inspired by the vintage MacGregor E & H model helmet forms and stitch/seam lines , the Bulwark helmet is the result of an idea where seam lines, or, a multiple sectioned helmet could be brought back to the modern day and utilize the best in anti-concussion helmet technology. The central focus of this football helmet is a multi-component anti-shock helmet design that has a single shell at the base, then a layer of energy absorbing material (air cells/gel) followed by another layer of multiple, or single hard shell(s).

A) Internal Padding consists of 7 pads and one upper suspension air/rubber system. The 7 pads are located at the jaw plates, then around the ear, and at back. The upper suspension system is a fully enclosed air suspension system that encompasses the entire circumference of the upper head.

B) Inner hard shell consists of a single shell just outside of the internal padding, yet inside of the anti-shock dampening air cell (or gel) system.

C) Anti-shock air cell system consists of a layer of mini air (or gel) cells that are sandwiched between the inner shell, and the outer shell(s). The anti shock system is intended to reduce, or dampen the amount of jarring impact that will occur to the inner shell.

D) Outer shell(s) consists of one or more shell(s) that protect the mini cells anti shock blanket. This outer shell is affixed to this blanket, and is independent from the inner hard shell. Each outer shell can be customized by shape to better suit player positions.

E) Jaw Plates are left and right removable side jaw protectors that help reduce player concussion from side impact. The jaw plates also house the lower wire cage face mask, and can be restyled to player specs. The jaw plates are affixed to the inner hard shell by a quarter turn quick release fastener.

F) Face mask can be styled for player needs/positions and is affixed to the side jaw plates, and upper forehead padlock.

G) Air vents are located at the top of the helmet and along the back. The unique styling and positioning allow for maximum air flow.

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