Every sports enthusiast will have different sports equipment with them. Be it a brand new soccer ball, or a used cricket helmet, you have to maintain it well to use it for a long time. You have to store it well and clean it regularly to increase its lifespan. You can prolong the lifespan of your bats, balls, jerseys, helmets, etc with proper maintenance. Here are some tips to help you protect your sports equipment.

● Maintain And Clean The Equipment

Regular cleaning and maintenance are important factors to protect your equipment from different elements. If you have a soccer ball, make sure you clean it before and after every game so that there won’t be any air leaks and dust building up on the ball. Players may use a good baking soda mixture to clean their cleats after every game or at the end of every season to remove the dirt. Thus, they can keep their equipment safe from any deterioration.

● Have A Storage Unit

To store your equipment, practice gear, and goals, you must have a storage unit. If you do not have one, try to rent a unit to safely store your equipment. These storage units ensure that they will be in a dry and cool place. As a first step, take into consideration the inventory equipment and determine the space they will need. Now, you may consider the costs and choose a storage unit according to the size you need.

● Store Your Equipment At Your House

To save costs, you may try storing your equipment in a room, basement, or garage. Wherever you keep them, make sure you have a well-protected door to avoid flooding, air leaks, and other issues. If there are extreme fluctuations in temperature or moisture, your jerseys, cleats, soccer balls, and other equipment may easily deteriorate or be damaged.

● Control Climatic Conditions

Keep a strong door and help maintain the humidity and temperature of your storage unit. However, you may add some additional insulation during the colder months. You may also use an air conditioner or dehumidifier in the summer months. It will protect your equipment from mold formation, wetness, and melting.

● Utilize Hanging Racks

When there are high chances of flooding, it is better to try hanging racks to safely store your sports equipment. These racks may include overhead racks, wall hooks, and other options to store the equipment above the floor. It will help to prevent stacking of your practice and training gear. If you pile many things on your equipment, it will easily bend or warp.

● Deflate All The Balls

If you have to store your soccer ball in the off-season, deflate them partially to release pressure. Thus, even if the temperature in your storage unit rises, your ball won’t cause excess inflation, causing the ball to explode. Have a needle and pump and make sure you do not puncture your balls during the process. You can inflate them during the whole season until the next off-season comes.