Cricket is an extremely popular sport around the world with a long history. With the evolution of the game, the equipment players required also changed. A cricket game has two teams with 11 players. A cricket ball, bat, and stumps are the basic requirement to play a cricket game. A cricket lover will have these three basic items at their home.

In professional cricket matches, every cricket player requires certain equipment to play the game, which is known as match equipment. These are the bare minimum necessities required for a play. Let’s check them one by one.

● Cricket Bag

A cricket bag is necessary for every player to carry their essentials to practice or matches and back. These bags will be large and hold all the equipment including cricket balls, bats, helmets, gloves, etc. The bags will have straps to carry them easily and some of them also have wheels to allow easy transportation. There will be different compartments in the bag with a big main compartment and other small compartments on the sides. The price of the bags varies depending on their features and the size.


● Cricket Ball

Traditionally, cricket balls are red and hard, and dense. They have a cork center and are wrapped in leather. The weight of the ball ranges from 5.5 – 5.75 ounces. The impact of a cricket ball is extreme, which led to the use of different safety equipment in cricket games. It is better to buy a pack of 6 balls rather than a single one as single pieces are expensive.

● Cricket Bat

A cricket bat has a unique role to play in a cricket game. They are made of wood and have a rounded handle covered in rubber or leather for grip. It also has a flat blade at the bottom. The whole size of a cricket bat will be under 38 inches and the width of the blade will be 4.25 inches. Cricket bats are available in different shapes according to the batsmen’s choice and the power with which they hit the ball. Professional bats are expensive, while beginners can find affordable options.

● Cricket Bails

Cricket bails are wood pieces in round shape placed above the wickets at each pitch’s end. The bowler aims to hit these cricket bails to drop the bails so that they get their wickets. This is one of the best ways to get a batter out. In every, try to carry more than the required two bails as their shape and size have a high chance of misplacing them. They play a major role in every cricket game.

● Cricket Boundary

Rope boundaries are used to mark a cricket field. The pitch will be oval and does not have a standard official size. The range of cricket fields varies from 450ft to 500ft. The rope boundaries have to be three yards away from the field fencing. Any type of rope can be used as boundaries, however, wedged triangles are also used in case of sponsorship or advertising.